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1001 Knights
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Kanji 1001 ナイツ
Romanji 1001 Naitsu
Genre Action, Adventure, Reverse harem, Supernatural
Written by Yukiru Sugisaki
Published by Monthly Asuka
Demographic Shoujo
Original Run August 2, 2012 – ongoing
Volumes 5

1001 Knights (1001 ナイツ , 1001 Naitsu) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yukiru Sugisaki. The series centers around two twin brothers, Naito and Yuta, and their adventures through a world very different from theirs.

1001 Knights made its debut in the June 2012 issue of Monthly Asuka and is still on going.


The twin brothers Fuuga Naito and Yuta, when their dad Shinra gone missing, follows Arthur - their dad's best friend to Dubai. There on a fateful night, the two are attacked by a mysterious boy named Arif Laila, taken to a totally new world called the Ghost Star, seperated. Now, the older brother Naito must embark on a journey to find his twin Yuta again. But at the same time, Yuta slowly finds out the truth about their past lives and his sole mission to be here...!?