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Kanji アルニラム
Romanji Aruniramu
Alias The Forbidden Princess
That thing (by Arif Laila)
Race Fedinan
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation The Ghost Star
Base of Operation Fedina Kingdom
Personal Status
Status Reincarnated (as Naito Fuuga)
Family Sabias Mal Sleytart Fedina (mother)
Uldan Sol Saiya (uncle)
Manga Night 7

Alnilam (アルニラム, Aruniramu), full name Alnilam Mal Sleytart Fedina, is the Taboo Princess of Fedina Kingdom, daughter of Queen Sabias and Naito Fuuga's past life. She was Rubaiyat's master and love interest.


Alnilam was born at the same time with Prince Saif - the Crown Prince of her enemy kingdom, Jakha. Rubaiyat fell deeply in love with her and decided to form an eternal contract between them, promising that he would only live for her sake. Alnilam also made the pledge that she would always believe in him no matter what may happen to her.

The manga, however, somehow also implied that Alnilam and Saif met and they fell in love with each other despite being the heirs of the two enemy countries. Saif bears a strong attraction to Alnilam, something which causes his reincarnated form - Fuuga Yuta to act mysteriously intimated towards his older twin Naito. Still, this is not yet confirmed by the author.


  • Genie Taming: Being a Genie Tamer, Alnilam is able to call out her Genie, Rubaiyat.
  • Healing Power