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Arif Laila
Kanji アルフ・ライラ
Romanji Arufu Raira
Alias Bastard (by Yuta Fuuga)
Race Genie
Gender Male
Age 300+
Professional Status
Affiliation The Ghost Star
Base of Operation Jakha Kingdom
Personal Status
Status Alive
Family Rubaiyat (childhood friend/sworn enemy)
Manga Night 3

Arif Laila (アルフ・ライラ, Arufu Raira) is the main antagonist in 1001 Knights. He attacked the twins on their first night in Dubai. He is now imprisoning his master, Yuta Fuuga, at the same time attempting to awaken his past self as Prince Saif.


Not much is known about Arif Laila's past except that he and Rubaiyat might be childhood friends before he went to Jakha Kingdom and became its army conductor. He holds a deep grudge against Rubaiyat, stated himself that he must destroy him and only him. He is one of the few people who actually knows what happened to the twins' past lives, saying to Yuta the first time they met that his incarnation Prince Saif is still troublesomely clinging to Princess Alnilam even after 300 years has passed.


Arif Laila appears as a very young and rather short boy. He mainly dresses in black, showing his bare chest most of the time. He wears a long and furry black cloak, black long pants, carrying a cutlass sword and is usually seen with his hoodie on.


Arif Laila is a calm and composed person. However, in truth he is cruel and does not hesitate at all when killing someone. Yuta thinks of him as nothing more than a crazy and problematic guy, always giving nonsense and incomprehensible talks about destiny and such.


  • (To Yuta): "What a sleepy child. Let me wake you up!"
  • (To Yuta): "Saif, you are our King".