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Arthur Eshenko
Kanji アーサー・エイシェンコ
Romanji Asa Eishenko
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Agent
Seal Location Right Arm
Base of Operation Agent Headquarter
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Chapter 1

Arthur Eshenko is a supporting character in 1001 Knights. He is Shinra's best friend who sometimes drops by the twin's house to play with them when they were young. Arthur was the one who took the twin to Dubai to prepare them in becoming Agents.


Arthur Enshenko is an fashionable European. He has a tall, perfectly slim body and his hair is curly and short. Most of the time, he wears a stripe suit over white shirt, a bow tie, expensive blue jeans, carrying his favorite hat and suitcase which is filled with clothes and money. Being an Agent, he has his own carved seal located on his right arm.


Arthur is Fuuga Shinra's best friend and co-worker. When Shinra gone missing, he often went to Japan to visit the twins' house, playing with them since they were only seven.


Arthur is a very rich and flashy young man. He is also a womanizer, always flirting with women, using his money to buy them expensive stuff. Due to his always cheating in cards and over-reacting attitude, Yuta doesn't like him very much and they do not get along well with each other. On the other hand, he is very fond of Naito.

Arthur is, maybe, one of the few people who knows about the twin's past lives. He takes notice of the fact that Yuta somehow has close attraction to Naito, once reminded him that he and Naito are connected by blood, which makes romance a taboo. Yuta seems to not care at all, replying "So what?" which makes Arthur extremely surprised.


  • "You've got taller this year again, Yuta? It's better to be compact like Naito, because that makes him cute!"
  • "Shoes are a key part of my fashion!"
  • To Yuta: "You and Naito...are connected by blood."