1001 Knights Wiki
Kanji アソルト
Romanji Asoruto
Alias Master Aslut (by Shakt)
Nii-san (by Zamul)
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Isaref's First Prince
Affiliation The Ghost Star
Base of Operation Isaref Kingdom
Personal Status
Status Alive
Family Zamul (younger brother)
Bashim (uncle/deceased)
Manga Night 5

Asrut (アソルト, Asoruto) is a character in 1001 Knights. He appears in the First Arc of the story as the Crown Prince of Isaref Kingdom and older brother of Prince Zamul. He was the one who found Naito exhausted while looking for his younger twin Yuta in the middle of the desert and saved him from being attacked by a group of bandits.


Asrut was born as the Crown Prince of Isaref Kingdom. At that time, his country was at a risk of being overthrown by an enemy Kingdom. A Jakhan tried to assassinate the young Asrut so that Isaref would lost its heir and Jakha Kingdom would turn it into one of its depedent country. Therefore, his Mother, in order to protect her child, gave birth to the second son - Prince Zamul and switched their places: Asrut would live under the name Zamul and Zamul would become his brother's substitude because he has immortality. This act went against the curse placed on the Kingdom of every Isaref Queen must only give birth to one heir, so the Queen was turned into a sand-made statue as punishment. Asrut and Zamul was then seperated from each other since they were still very young so that the enemy wouldn't know they were real brothers and tricked that the second Prince Zamul was actually Asrut.


Asrut is a tall and handsome young man with tanned skin. He has black and slightly curly hair which grown long enough till his neck, some streaks of it are . Usually, he is seen wearing Arabian clothes, consisting of a loose abaya and baggy long pants. When going out, he rides on his horse, carrying a cutlass Arabian sword.


Asrut is whole-heartedly respected by all citizens of Isaref Kingdom for being a great Prince of dignity, etiquette and responsibility. Though he doesn't express much, in depth he truly cares a lot about his people and family, especially his younger brother Zamul despite their being forced to seperated since little kids. He also treats everyone on equal terms, even his servants which causes them to feel truly at ease when serving him, for example Shakt and Zuban.

Power and Abilities[]

The fact of being a Prince of the royal family, Asrut has great swordmanship skills.


  • He might have developed romantic feelings for Naito after having him spent an amount of time in his Kingdom.
  • He thought Naito was a beautiful woman the moment he first laid eyes on him.