1001 Knights Wiki
Kanji エンダ
Romanji Enda
Alias Alcoholic (by Uldan)
Race Genie
Gender Male
Age 300+
Professional Status
Affiliation The Ghost Star
Base of Operation Fedina Kingdom
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Night 8

Enda (エンダ, Enda) is a supporting character in 1001 Knights. He is Uldan's Genie.


Enda has been Uldan's Genie since a long time ago. He and his master makes a very weird duo: while Uldan is annoyed by the fact that his Genie rarely follows his orders, Enda stays completely loyal to his master and would always step in to fight when Uldan truly needs him.


Enda is an average built young man. He has short hair and his long bang is tied with a big round ring. He dresses colorfully with a tight body outfit, loose black and white pants, wearing a necklace in the shape of a butterfly. When not in combat, Enda usually takes the form of a giant sword which Uldan carries around all the time.


Enda is a lazy and laid-back Genie. He is always using his old age as a ridiculous excuse to avoid fighting when his master tells him to. Enda is also a heavy drinker. He constantly sneaks out to go drinking with his Genie's friends without his master's permission, something which would always end up in a big moutain of unpaid bills and Uldan would always be the one who has to settle for him.

Knowing that Rubaiyat is the strongest of all genies, Enda is greatly afraid of him and does not want to have any connection with whom he refers to as "an extremely mysterious and scary guy".


  • To Uldan: "Master, I'm too old to fight you know..."
  • To Uldan: "What's your deal? It's still noon!"
  • To Uldan: "Leave it to me! Those sand monsters! Ah, but you have to treat me a drink later ok?"