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Fedina Kingdom (フェディナ王国、Fedina Oukoku) is one of the two biggest kingdoms in The Ghost Star. It is located near Jakha Kingdom and Isaref Kingdom. The current Queen is Sabias Mal Sleytart Fedina, Princess Alnilam's Mother.


Fedina Kingdom started out as a small country. Queen Sabias was only a young girl with little magical power, but she was bright and cheerful like a ray of sunshine. In order to help her homeland, she went on trips to different kingdoms with her brothers Uldan, Bados, etc, learning about their cultures and ways of gaining their prosperity. It was during one of those journeys that she encountered Queen Radiya of Jakha Kingdom and became her best friend. Their happy days, however, did not last long since she had to hurry back to Fedina when it was being targeted by the enemies. Sabias gave Radiya a good luck charm as proof of their friendship.

Years after, Sabias finally became new Queen of Fedina Kingdom and her experience has helped Fedina to change from a small country to one of the two biggest kingdom in the Ghost Star, the other being Jakha Kingdom. Because of their antagonistic powers and different in religion, these two kingdoms are at a constant state of war.


Royal Family[]

Name Rank Status
Sabias Mal Sleytart Fedina Queen Alive
Alnilam Mal Sleytart Fedina Crown Princess Reincarnated


Name Rank Status
Uldan Sol Saiya Commander Alive

Exclusive Genies[]

Name Master Status
Rubaiyat Alnilam Alive
Enda Uldan Alive