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Jakha Kingdom (ジャッハ魔族, Jahha Mazoku), also known as Dark Kingdom, is one of the two biggest kingdoms in The Ghost Star, along with Fedina Kingdom. The former Queen Radiya has gone into a coma after offering her life to the Devil. Right now, the Kingdom is being ruled by her son, Prince Saif, hence Yuta Fuuga.


Radiya was born as the Queen of Jakha. The kingdom itself is a gloomy place filled with negative force of dark magic and the Queen's had to bear them on her fragile shoulders ever since she was born. Without such powers, Jakha wouldn't have survived. Radiya was a very lonely girl when all the people around her feared what she possessed. But because she was able to meet and become friends with Queen Sabias of Fedina Kingdom, she learned how to live happily everyday alongside her best friend, regardless of her cursed body.

Time passed, Radiya finally became an adult and pregnanted with child, she treasured him so much and wished to raise Jakha's next King with care and love. However, when she knew that the Queen of her enemy kingdom, who was even also her best friend Sabias, gave birth to Fedina's next Queen the same time she did and that one of them would have to sacrifice their's to the Devil, she was extremely desperated. Her despair reached the climax when the Devil choosed her son on a whim. With hope of saving him from the Evil Eye's clutch, she offered her entire life as well as the kingdom's in exchange for her son's future. So, Prince Saif was reincarnated as Yuta Fuuga.

After that, Radiya fell into a deep sleep and Jakha is also at a critical state. Now, it is up to Yuta to revive her using his gifted power, making Jakha Kingdom rised again.


Royal Family[]

Name Rank Status
Radiya Queen Comatose
Saif Crown Prince Reincarnated


Name Rank Status
Kajid General Alive

Exclusive Genies[]

Name Master Status
Arif Laila Saif Alive