1001 Knights Wiki
Kanji ラディーヤ
Romanji Radiiya
Race Jakhan
Gender Female
Age ???
Professional Status
Occupation Jakha's Queen (former)
Affiliation Jakha Kingdom
Personal Status
Status Comatose
Family Saif (son)
Manga Night 7

Radiya (ラディーヤ, Radiiya) is the Queen of Jakha Kingdom and the Mother of Saif. She is currently in a deep coma due to excessive use of her own life force to save her newborn son from being sacrificed to the Devil.


Radiya was born as the Queen of Jakha Kingdom. She possessed great dark magic and was feared by all of her people. However, without such power, Jakha could not have survived. In other words, Radiya was like the personification of the kingdom: what happens to her also affects the whole country. Because of such heavy burden, the Queen was always lonely until she met the young Queen Sabias from Fedina Kingdom and, unaware of the fact that Jakha and Fedina are enemy kingdoms, became her best friends.

After giving birth to the next heir of Jakha, hence Prince Saif, Radiya fell into a deep sleep and Jakha also at a critical state.