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Sabias Mal Sleytart Fedina is the mother of Alnilam/Naito Fuuga and the lover of Shinra Fuuga. She was married off to the King of Fedina, but later returned home after being accused of cheating.


Sabias was born as the princess of a small kingdom. She liked to travel to other kingdoms together with her 3 brothers (Bados, Otobah and Uldan). She made friends with Queen Radhiyah (Yuta/Saif's mother), but soon had to return to her kingdom.

She met Shinra while she tried to climb a hill to get a flower that should heal Radiyah, falling in the process, but being saved by Shinra. They soon fell in love, but their happiness couldn't last due to her position and his mission as an agent of the other world.

She later was married off to the King of Fedina after which she discovered that she was pregnant with Shinra's child, Alnilam. If it was found she had a child with another man, she and her child would end up being killed. Despite that, Sabias gave birth to Shinra's child. But while that was happening Radhiya(saif mom) who is now the Queen of Jakha gav birth to Saif, which starts the problem. Turns out that Fedina kingdom and jakha kingdom have a legend that when two heirs are born at the same time they are fated to kill each and bring both countries to ruin.

In order to stop this from happening they have to choose one of the kids to kill. Unfortunately for Radhiyah her kid gets chosen. (by this unknown force named “The Evil Eye”) at which point Radhiyah goes aganist that and escapes with saif. After that, she then does takes the next step and makes a deal with “The Great Demon”(basically satan) to get her kid reincarnated.

Meanwhile, Sabias is in some deep trouble because she's married to the king when she already has gave a birth to someone else's child. And she feels guilty because her child is not the real heir and her best friend with the legit heir is in trouble because her kid is supposed to die. Anyway the king finds out she had a child with another man so Sabias has to run away or she'll be killed with her child.

She runs away, and reincarnates alinilam with every bit of magic she has, to somewhere far away from the kings reach. Her daughter Alnilam was reincarnated to Earth, as Naito Fuuga and the older twin brother of Yuta Fuuga, who went by the name Saif in his past life and the child that was chosen to be killed by the evil eye.