1001 Knights Wiki
Kanji サイフ
Romanji Saifu
Alias The Messiah
Prince of Misfortune
Sleepy King (by Arif Laila)
Evil Eye Monster (by Kajid)
Race Jakhan
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Jakha's Crown Prince
Great King of The Ghost Star
Affiliation The Ghost Star
Base of Operation Jakha Kingdom
Personal Status
Status Reincarnated (as Yuta Fuuga)
Family Radiya (mother)
Manga Night 7 (mentioned)

Saif (サイフ, Saifu) is the Prince prophesied to bring misfortunes of Jakha Kingdom, son of Queen Radiya and Yuta Fuuga's past life. He is soon to become the Ghost Star's King.


Saif was born at the same time with Princess Alnilam - the Princess of his enemy Kingdom Fedina. According to his genie Arif Laila, because these two countries are the biggest ones in the Ghost Star and they hold antagonistic powers, so if two heirs from these two are born at the same time, the Devil will choose one heir to possess the Evil Eye - the negative dark force of magic in order to balance the power of the other country - being the positive. Randomly, the Devil selected the new-born Saif.

Queen Radiya, who did not want her child to bear such a dark and powerful magic, offered her life so that her son would escape his tragic future. So, Saif was therefore killed and reincarnated as Fuuga Yuta - a normal high-schooler on planet Earth.


  • The Lifeline: Saif's right hand holds the power to absorb human's life sources. He is now, as Fuuga Yuta, using it to collect as much life source from people as possible to revive his mother - Queen Radiya, who has fallen into a dead-like coma after offering her life to save her son.
  • Genie Taming: Being a Genie Tamer, Saif is able to call out his Genie, Arif Laila.
  • Evil Eye: The powerful dark magic bestowed to him from the Devil.